What would you do to learn and improve the way you move?

Why do we offer Movement Assessments for free_

We are sharing 75+ years of combined experience with you for FREE. 

  1. Discover how to make the most out of your exercise routine
  2. Uncover the root cause of your injury and prevent it from re-occurring
  3. Learn techniques on how to manage and overcome it
  4. Find out where your body is holding you back from reaching optimal strength, mobility and flexibility

What are people saying?

Deb Oke, Client Spotlight

"Like most people I let life take over and neglected the most important thing…taking care of myself! Michele and the Synapse method have brought me to a new level of fitness and focus. It doesn’t matter if it is a one-on-one session or a group session - the focus is always on quality, functional movement."

Kyla Sterna, Client Spotlight

"I first connected with Synapse through my community skate group - but it wasn't until after that I discovered a genetic bone disorder that required two surgeries in one year. Synapse has helped me improve the way I move and I am back on the ice!"

Bruce Buckingham, Client Spotlight

"As I got older I was starting to develop heath issues and needed to get in better shape & lose some weight. From the start, Benji did a great job of assessing my body needs & how to address them. I’m moving better, feeling more flexible & am even starting to lose weight"

What can you expect during a Movement Assessment?

Over the years we have seen thousands of different bodies and helped them overcome chronic pain, injury and unhelpful movement patterns. During this time, we have built techniques and discovered trends in the way we move. During this appointment with a Movement Specialist, you will spend time:

  1. Share your story - we love meeting new people and knowing where you have been helps us find out where you are starting from and the best way to move forward. 
  2. Posture Assessment - with increased screen time and sitting, our posture is the best place to start during our assessments. We will also spend time sharing what good posture is and how you stack up.
  3. GAIT Analysis - this is a fancy way of saying 'walking analysis'. This part of the movement assessment will often highlight some areas your body is struggling with. 
  4. Breathing Test - this is a health marker that is often overlooked when it comes to quality of life that directly impacts your strength and the way you move.
  5. Functional Movement Test - depending on how the previous steps go, we will start to look at how you sit, stand, push, pull and twist.

We are changing the way you interact with health and fitness

At Synapse, we prioritize health over wealth and truly care about helping you lead a better life. From the couch, to the yard, to the court, our goal is to help you discover and learn how you can best work with your body. Performing with confidence and strength makes your daily tasks easier and even though not everyone receives a trophy for their accomplishments, the real reward is knowing you are better than yesterday. 

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